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Ideal if you're setting up, building or scaling-up a home-based business. I advise on ★effective and affordable methods for marketing and I will walk you through considerations such as ★ which social media platform will work best for your service or where you might have gone wrong if it doesn't bring results ★ website: beneficial to your business or not? Before you spend £100s on one. And, on request, I provide ★supportive Virtual Assistance - should you need help with implementation. You’ll receive free tailored advice that supports your specific business and your challenges, all free from tech-jargon; and with no obligation to use my Virtual Assistance Service or any paid services. 

Who is your ideal customer or client? How will you tell them about your service? 

My Background

Before attaining my BA Degree in Business & Management, my professional life could broadly be described as being conducted in Personal Assistance and Customer Service type roles. Shortly after my degree, 10 years ago, I started life as self-employed and I have also been freelancing for about 18 months now. 

Find Out What I Can Do For You

Ask for a free review of your planned or current project, whether you're setting up, scaling up or planning an advertising campaign.