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Virtual Assistant Service

I specialise in marketing and as of November 2019, I have added Business Development Consultancy to my services. This includes customer generation involving any market research and all administrative work required. I'm ideal for one/two-person businesses/solopreneur and micro-businesses; providing you with the extra pair of hands, marketing knowledge and skills that will vastly improve your business growth.

Free Marketing Advice

How can my service help you? Getting your business seen and attracting quality leads, consistently: these are just two essentials ingredients to success.

The benefits to you and your business?
​Connect you with potential customers: understanding your customer base helping you better identify with your target market thus improving ROI on advertising campaigns.

Reduce your marketing cost: Are you using the right platform in the right way? Knowing which one works for your business will save you time and money. I can advise on Facebook Ad, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Ads/PPC (Pay Per Click).

Learn the essential do's and don’ts in marketing, online and offline, and ways to motivate interactions from prospective customers

Get free advice on your planned advertising BEFORE you spend a penny. I will also review and advise on any re-model your current ads.
​Any questions relating to setting up, scaling up and virtual assistance service are welcomed. Contact me here. There is never any obligation to use my paid services.


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A helping hand on to successful growth and development

For free advice and online resources on most aspects of marketing, simply drop me a line. Let me know if you have a particular business challenge or why not request an overview of your planned/current marketing?   

If you have doubts about whether a website is worthwhile, I have information on that too.  

There is no obligation to use any of my paid services.

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